How do you turn off the power on a Clear Motorola WiMAX modem?


Here's what you need to know if you're searching for information about turning the power off on a Motorola Clear WiMAX modem. Before unplugging your cpei 25150, have a look at this page.

One of the first things I noticed about the Motorola Clear desktop modem was that it stayed on constantly and just like most home networking devices, there was no power on/off button.


Motorola Clear WiMAX modems do not have a power button

Here's something you already know. Your Clear Internet modem does not have a button or a way for you to power the device off and on.

There are a few important reasons for not having a power button on the Motorola cpei 25150 WiMAX modem. The most obvious answer is to prevent you from manually shutting down the modem.

Networking devices are sometimes used to communicate with other network devices and to do so they need to always be on. Removing on and off buttons decreases the chances of the device being powered off.



Manually turning off the power to Clear Motorola cpei 25150 modem

Manually turning off the power to your Clear Motorola cpei 25150 modem is simple. Use your hand (not your teeth) to grasp the modem's power cord and give it a firm tug to remove from the wall outlet. Like magic, the modem will turn off.

Unplugging the modem power cord and then plugging back is also called, "power cycling".

When a modem is power cycled, information that is sitting in RAM gets wiped. The end result of unplugging your Motorola cpei 150 WiMAX modem would be that each time the device boots up, the default settings would be restored.

Problems caused when frequently turning off network devices

Frequently turning off your Motorola Clear Internet modem can shorten the life of the device. This happens because of the additional work that is executed each time the modem starts up.

Many different things happen when a modem is turned off and then back on again. As I mentioned before, unplugging and plugging in your Motorola Clear modem resets the network information that is inside the device.

If you are interested in turning off your Motorola Clearwire WiMAX modem because of those little lights that shine so bright, here's how I was able to dim the Motorola Clear WiMAX modem signal strength lights.


Is it bad to unplug my Motorola Clear WiMAX modem at night?

The first step for anyone wanting to know if it's bad to unplug the Motorola Clear cpei 25150 modem at night or whenever the device is not in use should always be to contact the manufacturer.

Pick up the phone and call Clearwire and Motorola for the correct advice. Here are the toll-free technical support numbers.

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