Solution for HP laptop webcam problems

If you're one of the many proud owners of a brand new HP Pavillion laptop with the built-in webcam and your having some problems getting the darn thing to work, I'm happy to say that you will find the information you're looking for somewhere on this page. Since there's many variations of the HP laptop webcam problem, a single fix might not work for everyone.

Before I begin, understand that your Pavillion's webcam troubles probably aren't a result from something you did. See, Windows Vista's attempt to create some type of clickable icon to operate the Pavillion webcam is'nt the best one.


Making the Pavillion webcam work in Vista

Vista doesn't display an icon anywhere on your new laptop to indicate the presence of your built-in webcam.

Just like the many others before you, it's kind of hard not to want to test out your new built-in web camera...especially since it's been peering at you since removing the notebook from it's original box.

Continue reading through this page looking for your fix. The majority of people experiencing challenges when trying to make their pavillion webcam work will find the correct information here.


Make HP laptop webcam work in Vista

Here's the correct information about a program that comes with Vista that will make your HP web camera work with Vista.

Check out the following possible solutions:

    1. Open the link below using a new window or tab.

    2. Test the built-in webcam over at

Don't have QuickPlay installed?:

    1. Obtain current Pavillion webcam software.

    2. Follow any instructions on that page


What else you should know about making the HP Pavillion webcam work with Vista

HP will be periodically releasing drivers and software for the built-in webcam for users that have the pre-installed version of Vista on their Pavillion notebook.

Check out this Quick Webcam Setup with Vista over at the HP laptop help site.

Good luck on your quest for finding a program that will make your HP laptop webcam work for the first time.

While this might not work for all HP Pavillion laptop owners, it should work for most. Thanks a billion for reading!