Where to find QuickPlay movies in Vista

If you're one of the many HP Pavillion laptop owners and you've finally got your built-in webcam working but are wondering where in the world your recorded HP Quickplay movies are at, keep reading this page.

The HP webcam that is built into the Pavilion laptop will record high-quality movies via the HP Quickplay application. Since the webcam runs on the Vista operating system, the web camera is also known as a Vista webcam.

Unfortunately, the Quickplay movies are saved in a place on your laptop that requires a little searching.

         HP Quickplay movie default location

Press the Windows key + R to bring up the run box.

Once you have the run box open type in the following:


You should now choose "OK". Pressing "OK" will take you to the folder where your Vista QuickPlay movies and videos are saved to by default.

If you want to save some time for yourself, it would be smart to create a shortcut on your desktop that points to the folder where your Quickplay movies are saved to by default. It's really easy to do.

Right hand click on the folder called "Videos". Then choose "send to desktop (create shortcut)". That will place an icon on your desktop so you can edit, burn or watch your QuickPlay movies with a different player.

Good luck working with the HP Quickplay movies in Vista and make sure to update your Quickplay installation for best results.