How to reinstall Vista | HP Pavillion laptops


If your looking for the best information about reinstalling Windows Vista on your HP Pavillion laptop then your in the right place.

Restoring your HP Pavillion Vista laptop to the original factory settings is an absolute breeze to accomplish. By the time your done reading this page you will be an expert at reinstalling Microsoft Windows Vista for HP Pavillion laptops.

Before you continue reading, understand that most (but not all) Pavillion laptops didn't come with a set of Windows Vista install disks. More on that later.


About the Pavillion laptop's Vista restore disks

You see in Microsoft's never ending battle against piracy, the decision was made to remove the Windows Vista reinstall disks and move them onto a little micro chip that resides inside the HP Pavillion laptop.

There is a simple process to gain access and reinstall Windows Vista on your HP laptop.

Continue reading this page and I'll explain exactly how. The majority of people looking for information on restoring the original Vista operating system on their HP Pavillion laptop will find the correct information here.


Reinstalling Vista to original factory settings

Follow the steps listed below to completely reset Vista to original factory settings on your HP Pavillion laptop.

Restore PC to original condition with the Recovery Manager:

    1. Print out these instructions.

    2. Power off your HP laptop.

    3. Power on your HP laptop.

    4. Press F11 key as soon as you power on your laptop.

    5. Continue pressing F11 every 2 seconds

    6. Follow the prompts.


What else you should know about reinstalling Windows Vista on a HP Pavillion laptop

The HP Backup and Recovery Manager can also guide you through and help you with other related tasks that are centered around Windows Vista restore & reinstalling tasks.

Creating a recovery disk from the existing operating system and programs on your Pavillion laptop hard drive which will recover your HP laptop hard drive to it's original factory defaults is the most widely used.

Installing or restoring Vista software programs and drivers and accessing Microsoft Vista's Restore application are a few more important features of the recovery manager...

Just remember, while this might not work for all HP Pavillion laptop owners, it should work for most. Thanks a billion for reading!