How to use your Cricket Samsung phone as an Internet modem - part 2


Did you know that you can setup your Cricket Samsung phone as an Internet modem so you can browse the web, check your email, or whatever else it is that you do while online? If you have a phone from Cricket Wireless (Samsung used for this page) and you are interested in being able to use the phone as a modem for connecting to the Internet, this tutorial might be of some interest to you.

This is the second page of this tutorial for using your Cricket Samsung phone as an Internet modem. If you arrived here at this page first, you should take a few minutes to read the first page for this tutorial because it shows what you need to do to begin using your Cricket Samsung phone as a modem. Remember that some Cricket phones will outperform others when it comes to connection speeds so don't be surprised if your phone ends up being faster as a modem than you first expected.

Creating a new Internet connection for a Cricket Samsung phone modem

If you've already completed the first few steps for enabling your Cricket phone modem, your next step is to create a new Internet connection on your PC that will use your phone's modem. The step-by-step screen shot instructions below will show you how to create an Internet connection on your PC that your Cricket phone can use to deliver online access for you.

Even though this tutorial was created and tested using a Cricket Samsung Messager R450, many of the other Samsung phones from Cricket Wireless are able to be used as Internet connection devices. As far as operating systems go, this tutorial was tested on computers running Windows XP with the FireFox web browser and the Internet Explorer web browser.

1. Start by opening your control panel

2. Select "network connections"

3. Create a new connection

4. Follow the screen shots for step-by-step instructions

This is the first step in creating a new connection for the Cricket phone you plan on using as an Internet modem. Take a look at the configuration window that will appear when you begin using the 'New Connection Wizard' in Windows XP. Click 'NEXT' to begin creating a new connection for the modem of your Cricket Samsung phone.

Creat new Cricket Internet connection

The next window you see will ask you how you want to connect to the Internet. Since we are connecting a Cricket phone as a modem we should select the first choice and then hit the 'NEXT' button.

Connection type for Cricket modem

You will then be asked how you want to connect to the Internet. Since a Cricket phone operates on dial-up speed you have to select the option for setting up your Internet connection manually. Choose to setup your connection manually and then move on.

Setup Cricket as a dial-up connection

Connecting Cricket modem as dial-up

The New Connection Wizard will then display another window asking for the name of your new connection. You can put any name that comes to your head inside here. Just pick a name, it doesn't have to be the name of your ISP.

Name Cricket modem Internet connection

What is your ISP's phone number that you have to call and connect to? From now on, anything you enter into the "New Connection Wizard" for your Cricket Samsung phone has to be correct or you won't be able to establish a connection to the Internet.

1. NUMBER: #777

Cricket phone modem telephone number

The next step is to fill in your Cricket phone account information so the new connection wizard can create a connection for you. Here is an example.


2. PASSWORD: cricket

Account information for Cricket broadband connection

After inputting your Cricket phone user name and password, you'll see a connection window that contains your connection settings for your Cricket phone modem.

Connection window for your Cricket Broadband modem

Cricket phone proxy server information

Before you are able to use your Cricket phone as a modem you have to enter the proxy information into your web browser preferences area. In my case, I'll start FireFox and click on TOOLS> >OPTIONS> >ADVANCED> >NETWORK> >SETTINGS to get to my proxy server information window.

In addition to posting the proxy server information in text form, I have also provided a screen shot that shows the proxy server information for Cricket phone users. Write this information down and don't lose it.

Cricket modem proxy settings



Battery life when using a Cricket phone as a modem

When it comes to using my Cricket Samsung phone as a dial-up Internet connection, the one thing I noticed very quickly was decreased battery life. When your PC is connected to the Internet via your Cricket cell phone, battery life becomes an issue because the USB data cable does not charge the Samsung Messager R450 while it's being used as a modem.

Cricket modem connection speed picture

Screen shot of Cricket Samsung phone connection

Why would you want to use a Cricket phone as a modem?

What I've learned from using my Cricket phone as a dial-up modem is that this method of connecting to the Internet is not the fastest, but it is faster than old fashion dial-up Internet. In some countries, dial-up Internet is still the only way to connect to the Internet.

The best reason I can think of for using a Cricket mobile phone as an Internet would be for emergencies like if you are staying in a hotel and their wireless Internet went out and you needed to complete an online task.

As you can see by the screenshot, using my Cricket cell phone as my Internet connection device for my computer is reliable. I am able to browse websites with ease, update my Twitter status, and even create and upload screen shots as I did with the ones on this page.

For those of you who are able to use your Cricket phone as a modem and you want to speed up your connection a little bit more, have a look at this page that shows you how to speed up your slow Internet connection.


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