Free Halloween pumpkin carving skull & crossbones stencils


This page contains a few free skull and crossbones stencils that you can use to carve your pumpkin on Halloween. If you're searching for a skull or a skull with crossbones for a pumpkin carving project, have a look at these stencils.

On this page you have one simple human skull template and four other templates that consist of both the skull and crossbones to choose from. The first stencil directly below is a plain skull without the crossbones.

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Halloween skull template

Super easy skull pumpkin carving stencils

Carving the skull portion of the stencil

When compared to some of the other Halloween skull templates found online, the skull stencils on this page are really easy to complete.

Start by carving out the skull portion of the pattern. Carve the skull eye sockets, then the jawbone finishing with the nose cavity. Once you are satisfied with your skull head, move on to the crossbones part of your pattern.

Once the skull is complete you can then decide if you want to carve out the crossbones. There have been instances in the past where I've omitted the crossbones simply because I ran short on time after spending so much time carving the skull portion.

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printable skull stencils

Free skull & crossbones templates

You'll be happy to know that this page of free skull & crossbones templates was put together for those of you that want to carve a skull into your Halloween pumpkin, but lack the creative skills required to do so.

Grab one, two, or all of these skull and crossbones stencils for you to use on your projects not limited to Halloween pumpkin carving.

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Skull crossbones template free

Halloween pumpkin carving printable skull & crossbones stencils

What size will these skull & crossbones stencils print at?

Each of these skull & crossbones stencils will fit on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper when printed. This size will allow you to use these templates on almost any size pumpkin.

If you are attempting to carve a smaller sized pumpkin and these skull templates are too big, try leaving out the crossbones and carve only the skull head. Decreasing or enlarging the size of your printed template can be done through your printer's settings.

All of these skull templates have been vectorized so that image quality does not decrease when enlarging.

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skull pumpkin carving stencils

Public domain Halloween skull templates

These Halloween skull templates were created from images that I found in the public domain.

Thanks goes out to the people who uploaded and shared the initial images that I used to make some these skull & crossbones patterns. And an extra special thanks to the creators of the first and last skull pumpkin carving stencils on this page for their contribution.

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free skull crossbones stencils

Halloween pumpkin carving templates

Check out some of the other patterns in the ACreativeDesktop Halloween pumpkin carving template collection. All templates are 100% free to use for your pumpkin carving needs. Share them with whomever you want. Happy Halloween pumpkin carving!