How to stop registry error messages in Windows XP
Information about the Windows XP service called Error Reporting that causes little
gray popup windows that say "Registry Error".

Stopping registry error popup messages

Turn off Error Reporting Service

If you just installed Windows XP home and you're starting to receive registry error popup messages, this page will offer a few methods for stopping those little annoying gray error windows. Don't worry about the number of registry error messages you've received so far, just close them out or ignore them.

The little error messages that show up after a new Windows XP home installation are a part of the Windows XP Error Reporting service. The service reports computer and program errors to Microsoft so that Microsoft can better fix problems that arise in Windows XP.

There are two ways to stop the registry error popup messages from popping up on your computer. The first and best method would be to update your Windows XP installation. The second method involves disabling the Error Reporting service and is for XP users who don't wish to report computer and program errors to Microsoft.

Stopping registry error popups by disabling Error Reporting

It's best to restart your computer now. When you return into windows you will be happy that all those stupid little registry error pop up windows have vanished and even happier now that you can get some work done.


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Stopping registry error popup messages in Windows XP