Why test CLEAR Wi-MAX home modem
from multiple locations?


Testing your slow CLEAR Wi-MAX home modem from multiple locations is something that you should do if you've been having major challenges obtaining a decent Internet connection speed from your CLEAR Wi-MAX home modem.

This will help to determine if the problem is caused by the rapidly expanding CLEAR Wi-MAX network or if the problem is on your end.

CLEAR will work with customers to solve any Wi-MAX problems that arise.

Hook up CLEAR Wi-MAX home modem
close to a Wi-MAX tower

Testing CLEAR Wi-MAX home modem Internet speed

Attempt to hook up your CLEAR Wi-MAX home modem as close as you can to a Wi-MAX tower. This will give you a taste of what fast Internet speeds from CLEAR feel like.

CLEAR Internet towers are located everywhere. Find someone you know that lives close to a tower and test your Wi-MAX home modem speeds from there.

There are plenty of ways to power your home modem while you are not at home. In the past, I've experienced great connection speeds when sitting directly under a CLEAR Internet tower.

CLEAR Wi-MAX Internet speed testing - Calling CLEAR customer support

Did you know you can call CLEAR or Clearwire to find out where your nearest Wi-MAX tower is located?

Calling CLEAR customer support for Internet tower information is simple.

CLEAR Wi-MAX 1-800 numbers


When calling, be ready to give them the address of where you are at. CLEAR customer support can then tell you the direction to point your modem for the strongest signal along with the distance of that CLEAR tower from you.

Not sure what a CLEAR tower looks like?

No problem. Just check out this page for a few examples of CLEAR Wi-MAX Internet towers.

Much can be learned by taking your CLEAR Wi-MAX home modem to another location to test Wi-MAX connection speeds.

While you might not have the power to fix your CLEAR wimax connection speed problems , there's a good chance you can improve them.

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