Best ways to use the HP Pavilion web camera


If you're the owner of a brand new HP Pavilion laptop with a very inconspicuous built-in webcam and now you're searching for the best ways to use your HP webcam you're in luck.

Continue reading through this page for information on a powerful, yet amazingly simple Pavillion webcam tip.

Now if you're still having trouble getting your HP camera working, you should read getting HP Pavilion laptop camera to work with Vista. The page will guide you through the process of getting your HP Pavilion laptop camera to work with Vista.

By now you've probably mastered the basics for setting up and using the HP laptop webcam. When your built-in web cam works with the Quickplay application that comes with Windows Vista, your ready to begin recording and working with your webcam.

A killer tip for getting best quality using the built-in HP notebook webcam

This is one of the easiest, most effective tips for getting the best webcam quality from your 1.3 MP built-in web camera.

In this example, lets say that you're interested in recording a video of a subject in motion. Ordinarily, using your HP's built-in web cam for this type of task is not the most desired method.

Here's what I suggest:

First, grab an office chair from around the house or from a friend. Before continuing, there are a few details concerning the chair that you chose. If you want the very best results when using your HP laptop webcam, make sure your office chair:

1. Has no arm rests (armless)
2. Is on wheels or castors
3. 360 degree swivel motion

When you have an office chair like the one mentioned above, you're ready to begin using your HP notebook webcam to capture high quality video.
Simply place your HP Pavilion laptop on the chair with the web camera facing forward. Now press the record button, get behind the chair using the back of the chair as a steering wheel. Just like the professional camera men of the film industry, you're using the chair as a sort of stabilizer which prevents any unwanted camera movement.

Nice smooth HP webcam video

The end result is a nice smooth video with 360 degree camera control. When done properly, the office chair, and yourself will be completely unoticable in your captured video clips. Playback will be so smooth that your friends and family will demand to know your secret.

To maximize the effectiveness of this HP Pavilion webcam tip try experimenting with different types of floor surfaces. For example, any smooth surface like a gym floor, a department store tile floor, or even a basketball court can produce an even higher quality effect sometimes making the impression that the laptop web camera is floating.

This is just one method for better web cam videos. Check out this page if you want even more ways to obtain the best HP webcam picture quality.