Update Twitter status via text message on Cricket cell phones

Using Twitter on Cricket cell phones hasn't always been as easy as it is today. As I mentioned above, Cricket phone customers that wanted to update their Twitter status from their Cricket phone were not able to do so in the past. After sending an update to Twitter, Cricket would return a text message saying that they weren't supporting Twitter.

It took awhile, but Cricket Wireless eventually ended up supporting updates via text messages from Cricket cell phones. So now, all you have to do is sign up for a Twitter account and configure the mobile device settings in your Twitter control panel.

If you need help setting up your device with Twitter, these are the directions Twitter gives you for setting up a mobile device.

Once your Cricket phone is all set to use with Twitter, the rest is pretty simple. Updating Twitter is no different than sending a text message to a friend.

Compose a new text message and send it to '40404' and that's it. Your Twitter profile will show 'text' as the method you used to update your status.

Since Cricket phones all have unlimited text messaging, using text to update your Twitter status costs you nothing extra. If you haven't set up your Cricket phone to use with Twitter yet, head on over to your Twitter profile and add your phone now.


Post pictures to Twitter from Cricket cell phone

Did you know that you can use your Cricket cell phone to send pictures to your Twitter account?

I've been sending pictures to Twitter from my Cricket phone for a long time now, way back when Cricket didn't work with Twitter. Here's how you send pictures to your Twitter using your Cricket cell phone.

The service that lets you send pics to your Twitter profile is called TwitPic. If you already have a Twitter account then all you have to do is sign into TwitPic with your Twitter username and password. Once logged into TwitPic, configure your settings to use your Cricket phone.

After you tell TwitPic what your Cricket phone number is, they will display an email address for you. This email address is where you will send your pictures. TwitPic will then send them to your Twitter account.

Before sending any pics to Twitter using TwitPic, you should add your TwitPic email address to your phone's contact list so that you can easily send pics to Twitter from your Cricket phone in the future.



Use Cricket cell phones to send voice messages to Twitter

This next method for using Twitter on a Cricket phone is so useful because instead of sending text messages to Twitter, you can record a voice message and update your status with audio. This method is perfect for anyone who doesn't text while driving.

It's called Twitterphone and it does exactly what the name says. Begin by creating an account at Twitterfone and configure your mobile phone settings. You will then receive a telephone number that you will call when using Twitterfone to update your status.

You should also add this number to your contacts list and speed dial.

Using Twitterfone on your Cricket cell phone is completely free and works in many countries. The only drawback is that you have to be invited to use Twitterfone.

Anyone can sign up for an invite, just visit the main Twitterfone page and look for the 'invite' tab.


Download a Twitter application to use on your Cricket cell phone

Now there is even a Twitter phone application for Cricket cell phones that you can download and install. At this time, I'm not sure what Cricket phones are able to download the application so you'll have to check out the Cricket phone compatibility matrix to know for sure.

The application that you can download onto Cricket cell phones is called, "Twit-Twit" and it costs $5.00 to download and use on your Cricket phone. This application has a few features that you can use on your Cricket phone, but when compared to other Twitter applications, Twit-Twit is for kids.

Unfortunately for me, Twit-Twit has now made my Cricket Cell phone freeze at least 25+ times. I have to remove the battery to reset the phone each time the application freezes up my phone.

Twit-Twit is the only Twitter application made for Cricket phones and can be downloaded by visiting the 'games and apps' menu on your Cricket phone.