Webcam programs to operate a notebook webcam

Webcam programs for use with notebook webcams will be explained on this page. If you're searching for alternative webcam programs for operating your notebook webcam that go above and beyond the default QuickPlay program that was initially made to use your notebook webcam you've come to the right page.

If you're looking to use your notebook webcam with multiple applications at once or if the QuickPlay webcam program that came installed along with your notebook webcam doesn't offer enough features, continue reading through this page which introduces a few different webcam programs.

ManyCam notebook webcam program

ManyCam is one of many alternative webcam programs that you can use to operate your built-in notebook webcam or your USB powered webcam.

The biggest feature of the ManyCam program is the ability to run multiple webcam programs at the same time since running more than one webcam program is not allowed by Windows software.

These are some of the webcam programs that will work alongside ManyCam and your notebook webcam.

The webcam program is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 2000, and 2003 and will work well with both internal notebook webcams as well as with USB webcams.

Looking for the webcam programs that have the most effects and animations to add to your webcam video? ManyCam offers over 3000 downloadable webcam effects that plug right into the program.

CamFrog alternative webcam program

The next webcam program that will work with notebook webcams is different than the ManyCam webcam program in such that it's actually a live webcam chat community with millions of users.

It's called CamFrog and it's over 5 years old now making it a solid webcam program. Make free live audio & video calls to anywhere in the world and join live webcam chat rooms with CamFrog.

One of the many features of CamFrog is the mobile version of this webcam program that will establish a wireless connection through your mobile enabled device!

For those extreme webcam junkies, CamFrog Pro users can view up to 100 video chat windows in video chat rooms without even needing a webcam.. CamFrog is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, 2003, Windows XP or Vista operating systems and surprisingly enough, you don't even need a webcam to use this program.

These are 3 features of CamFrog that make this program for webcams even more interesting in my eyes.

WebcamMax notebook webcam program

This last webcam program for webcams is called Webcam Max and it gives you the power to add any video, picture or effect to your webcam video stream or chat message.

This webcam program can do what the other alternative webcam programs featured on this page can do plus more.

When it comes to it's video and picture features, this web cam software goes the extra mile. Webcam Max has many extra features but two of my favorites are the virtual webcam that lets you pretend to be somebody else and the ability to share your screen with others. There are many webcam programs out there but none have as many features as this one.