Running multiple webcams at the same time


Using multiple webcams at the same time is easy with the help of a good webcam security program.

Not just any webcam program, but one that supports an additional number of webcams you want to run simultaneously.

On this page, I've listed a variety of webcam security programs that support the running of multiple desktop webcams at the same time.


CamSurveillance - webcam software multiple webcams

CamSurveillance is a webcam/network camera software program that allows up to 50 network cameras (IP cameras)

Adjust up to 50 IP addressable network cameras with motion detection and run them simultaneous.

CamSurveillance webcam /network camera software


CamLAN - webcam software multiple webcams

View multiple network cameras with this webcam software

It works with webcams, netcams, and some other video devices. CamLAN has a client functionality to send the video from all cameras from one server PC to all connected client PCs. The number of network cameras is not restricted.

CamLAN webcam /network camera software


Crime Catcher - webcam software multiple webcams

Webcam software for surveillance and security. Local or remote video monitoring

Crime Catcher is a complete webcam security software program that turns your computer into a security system. Multiple webcam sources make this program great monitoring people in different locations. Crime Catcher can even detect motion, take a picture, and send that picture to your email box.

Crime Watcher webcam software webcam /network camera software


SupervisionCam - webcam software multiple webcams

SupervisionCam turns your PC into a video surveillance system with support for more than one web camera

This webcam software uses MultiView to show one or multiple camera views. The feature that I like most is the ability to generate an HTML web page from the captures you take with the SupervisionCam software.

SupervisionCam multiple webcam software


EZWatch Pro - Video Surveillance

Webcam security software allows you to use anywhere between 1-64 cameras.

When you absolutely need the best webcam security software for multiple webcam streams, take a look at the EZ Watch Pro camera systems.

This system is one of the best out there so when you want camera security programs that are powerful, look to EZ Watch security camera systems.

EZWatch Pro webcam security program


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