About the laptop camera using Vista

Looking for HP Pavilion webcam setup information? This page was created for those of you out there that own one of the new HP laptops that come with a built-in HP webcam or camera using Vista.

If you've been having troubles getting the webcam setup installed properly keep reading this page because you'll find plenty of information to work with.

At the very least you should find some useful information within these webcam help pages. As you continue reading this page try to remember that your Vista webcam problems probably aren't a result from something you did.

You should also know that right now there are many different variations of the HP laptop webcam problem which means a single fix might not work for everyone.


Setup the laptop webcam using Vista

If you've been searching for an icon on your desktop that will let you use your built-in web camera on your new Vista laptop don't be surprised when you can't find one or even if your laptop camera just stops working one day and the icon vanishes.

Unfortunately there are tons of different HP laptop webcam problems that vary from model to model on many of the HP Pavilion laptop series. The good news is that the vast majority of HP laptop owners experiencing problems when trying to make their webcam work will find information here.



HP laptop webcam setup instructions

There is a pre-installed application on your HP laptop that will allow you to operate the Vista webcam.

Try these steps to setup your webcam:

    1. Open the link below in a new window.

    2. Test the HP laptop webcam at HP.com

If you don't have QuickPlay for Vista:

    1. Obtain current Pavilion webcam software.

    2. Follow any instructions on that page


What else you should know about setting up the webcam with Vista

HP will be releasing new webcam drivers and software updates for the built-in webcam for users that have the pre-installed version of Microsoft Windows Vista on their Pavilion notebook.

Good luck on your mission for getting your HP Pavilion laptop webcam setup and running. Once you accomplish that task, start searching around for another application in addition to QuickPlay that will allow you to operate your built-in webcam.

Always remember that the information provided on these pages might not work for all HP Pavilion laptop owners, but it should work for most. Thanks a billion for reading!