Webcam software program for Vista laptop

There are many HP laptops that have a built-in webcam running Vista that are also using the default HP Quickplay program for camera control. This page is to let all notebook owners know that there are a few choices in addition to the default HP webcam program that comes installed with Vista. So if you're looking for another type of webcam software to control your built-in camera that has more features than your existing camera application you've come to the right place.

Your notebook's built-in webcam is probably one of the best add ons one can get for a mobile computer. Unfortunately, your laptop only comes with one webcam program that'll operate the camera.

There are 4 different web camera programs that I know of. In this page I'll take the time to tell you about one of those webcam programs called YouCam.


YouCam is a webcam software program

YouCam is a software program used for controlling web cameras. The software is installed on a few HP and Compaq computers but if you're running Vista and you want to test out the program you're able to. It's primary uses are to record video and capture still pictures.

The YouCam software application also comes with a few super useful, time saving features that'll help you to get the most from your notebook's built-in webcam. If you're looking for the default webcam program that is installed on HP laptops then go to this page which has some information on downloading the HP Quickplay program for computers running Vista.



Youcam features that work on HP web cam

The software has a few features and extra tools that give you the ability to easily enhance your photos and videos. There are also a few shortcuts within the program that make sharing your media files with others easy.

After you've captured some pictures or recorded some video and you're wondering what else you can do with this webcam software you'll be happy to know that there are also features for adding graphics to your media and even a few built-in features for your sharing your webcam creations with others.

  • Add frames to your webcam videos
  • Manipulate media bu applying filters
  • Upload videos to Youtube via embedded link
  • YouCam makes emailing your media easy


Where to download YouCam webcam software

If you've liked what you've read about YouCam so far and are ready to download this program used for operating your notebook's built-in webcam or even if you just want to know a little bit more about this software, check out the HP website for more information.

For information about finding, downloading, and installing YouCam and the latest webcam drivers for your built-in laptop webcam, navigate over to the HP notebook YouCam quick setup page.