Solving the WinHTTP5.dll mystery

By Austin Luna

Having a little trouble with WINHTTP5.dll? Is windows shouting at you saying the dynamic link library WINHTTP5.dll could not be found in the specified path?

If you answered yes then this article is for you, keep reading

Use the link at the end of this article to download the Winhttp.dll file from Just save the file to your desktop. Now you must know where to place the file before you download it. Now if for some reason you decide to get this file from somewhere else other than the link I provide for you at the end of this article and the file is in .ZIP or .RAR form, I recommend you unzip the file using WinZip or Winrar. You're going to want to move the file you downloaded to your desktop to your system directory.

Windows default folder is C:\Windows\System32 (Win XP).

Once you have moved Winhttp.dll to the correct folder go ahead and reboot your computer and upon restart attempt to run the application that you weren't able to run before. Bingo!

Here is the link to download the file. Look for the "winhttp.dll" link at the center of the page and save to your desktop.


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