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Best techno song in the world language from Joe Pesci

Funny How? - Unkown artist

Use the miniature music player that's located on this page to hear the world's best techno remix song. This 10 minute long song was created many years ago by an unknown author. Luckily, this song was left in a cd player at my house one night and the rest is history. Are you already bobbing your head to the nice trippy music? If not, just click on the gray play button and 'Funny How' will start playing.

Description of this song: About the only details I can say for sure is that the person that keeps saying, "funny how" and "Don't ever go over my head" is none other than Joe Pesci when he played in the movie,"Casino", which was made in 1995 by a little group called Universal Pictures. Duration of this song is about 10 minutes and it has a file size of 23 MB which is great.

This mp3 was encoded using Nero Burning Rom (300 songs on a CD-R) with the mp3PRO plug set at 80KBs. If you're playing this great techno song and you're wondering why the audio quality is so low that's because the original file was on a cracked CD-R that the computer would not recognise. When the PC refused to play or copy the file, (CRC errors) I used an old cd alarm clock radio that was set next to my computer's microphone to play the cd while using Windows sound recorder to capture the techno song that I then split into many tiny little wav music files. Thanks for listening to what I feel is the world's best techno remix song.