Finding the most interesting and unique gift for Christmas

Have you ever wanted to a truly interesting and unique technology Christmas gift for someone you care about for Christmas? Something they never heard of or more importantly, something technology related that they didn't see at Wal-Mart while they were out shopping for your Christmas present.

I spent more than enough time searching the Internet for what I hoped to be some of the world's most interesting technology Christmas gifts. What I learned was that finding unique gifts for Christmas is as easy as pie when money is no object, but the exact opposite for those of us who are on a limited budget.

This page is for anyone looking for one of the world's most interesting and unique Christmas gifts that aren't sold in physical retail stores and that can also be purchased for under $10.00 (ten dollars).

If you're the type of person that feels gifts like star registries that allow you name a star for $39.95 are a complete rip-off, keep reading this page which explains an interesting item that makes a great Christmas gift for under $10 bucks.

Unique interesting Christmas gift


Unique Christmas gift is a technology tool with amazing features

In my opinion, one of the world's most interesting technology Christmas gifts is the SpoofCard. Basically, it's a new phone card on steroids that allows you to change the number that is displayed on the caller ID of the people you call.

In addition to faking your caller ID, every SpoofCard also comes with a built-in voice changer that changes your voice to sound like that guy from the Saw movies or a young female.

Of the three key features, my favorite SpoofCard feature by far is call recording which lets you record your phone calls and have them automatically saved as downloadable .mp3 files.

World's most interesting Christmas gift for under ten dollars
The coolest phone card!


SpoofCard coupon codes for a cheap Christmas gift under $10.00

If you're thinking about grabbing this interesting Christmas gift that's priced under $10.00 for the technology lover in your life, here's a coupon code that you can use to get even more savings.

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This discount coupon code can be used towards the purchase of any 60 minute, 120 minute, 240 minute, and 480 minute SpoofCard.