YouCam web cam software

YouCam is another software program that will allow you to operate your built-in or external web cam. YouCam will work with most web cameras and instant messaging software so that you can use your web cam the way it was meant to be used.

On this page, I'll provide some information about the YouCam software and about a few of the features this web cam software comes with. You might be surprised what this nifty application can do when compared to the software that came bundled with your existing web cam.


Better software to operate my webcam

Even though YouCam can be used with just about any built-in or external web cam, my experiences have been with the internal webcam on the HP Pavilion laptop. The HP web cam comes with QuickPlay which allows limited control of your web cam provided you're able to keep it working.

Just like most of you, I wanted software that allowed me to use my integrated web camera for instant messaging with video. When I found out YouCam could do this plus a bunch of other useful, interesting things, I had no problem installing it alongside my existing web cam software.



YouCam features and usefull add-ons

YouCam web cam software comes with a bunch of useful functions, interesting add-ons, and humorous effects that you can use to make your internal or external web cam do some pretty amazing things.

Here are a few of the features that YouCam offers...

    1. Works with AOL and Windows Live.

    2. Works with Skype and Yahoo.

    3. Make a time-lapse recording.

    4. Enable motion-detection recording.

    5. Upload webcam videos directly to YouTube.

    6. Add effects to webcam photos and videos.


Download YouCam web cam software

If you're looking for an additional software program to power your built-in or external web cam you should check out YouCam for sure.

YouCam can be downloaded from a few different places on the Internet. For more information, check out the Cyberlink YouCam Program.